The University Catholic Center is a Catholic worshiping community. Because we gather to celebrate the Eucharist, we are strengthened by our faith and the Holy Spirit which send forth to proclaim God’s word in action to each other and the UCLA community. Committed to and challenged by the love of Jesus, we seek to fulfill His word by carrying out His commandments. We recognize the presence of sin in our world, Church and ourselves and with God’s grace, we strive to overcome its effects in our day. In all our endeavors we collaborate with students and those who serve students to provide for the development of future leaders of our Church and the world.

Vision Statement of the UCC

  1. To create an atmosphere that welcomes both individuals and groups of people who are committed to their faith and its values by sponsoring activities that invite all to be a part of our UCC community
  2. To facilitate the development of faith in students of diverse backgrounds and practices at a complex multi-cultural university
  3. To shape outreach efforts which listen to the issues affecting a variety of students with the intent of linking individuals and already existing UCLA programs and organizations with the developing faith community at the UCC.


Updated December 1999