Bible Study


Come one, come all! We’d love for you to join our Bible Studies and Spiritual Discussions! Held every Wednesday at 6:30pm in the Community Room of the UCC, Bible Study is all about reading God’s Word and learning more about our Catholic faith together as a group. Please bring friends and come with questions or thoughts. We would love to explore our faith together!


You don’t need to:

1.) Be a Bible expert. We are in no way experts, but are simply young disciples of Christ with a yearning to learn more about our faith. We will read the Bible together and try our best to answer any questions you may have.

2.) Bring your own Bible. We have plenty that you can use during our Bible Studies.

3.) Stay the entire hour. Got only 30 minutes to spare? Can only make it a few Wednesdays out of the quarter? No problem! We would love to have you whenever you can make it!


We hold Bible Studies and Spiritual Discussions with awesome and interesting topics such as:

  • The Universality of Salvation
  • Immigration
  • Love and Relationships, and much more!


Have any ideas or suggestions for possible Bible Studies/Spiritual Discussions? Want to collaborate with EFD to create an amazing Bible Study or Spiritual Discussion? Let us know!

Email EFD at: or stop by the UCC’s Community Room any Wednesday at 6:30pm.


So excited to have you!