Kyrie Eleison

Kyrie GroupKyrie Eleison is a student-run organization on campus that serves the Korean-American Catholic community. Although our membership is majority Korean, we welcome and encourage everyone of different backgrounds to join, even those who may not be religious but are interested in the faith.

Our mission statement is to foster fellowship through faith, praise, and scripture through creating a family-style community which embraces different levels of faith and encourages spiritual growth. The roots of our community began in 1985 as a small bible study group, but over the years, we have increased in membership and grown into an active fellowship.

UCLA’s Kyrie Eleison created a foundation for Korean-Catholic fellowships in colleges and inspired other campuses such as UC Irvine, UC San Diego, UC Riverside, and USC to create their own Kyrie Eleison. Every year, we have several inter-Kyrie events hosted by each campus where everyone comes together in unity to grow in fellowship and faith.

Today, Kyrie Eleison is like a quirky family filled with Bible study, social events, rosary, dorm dinners, and lots of Jesus time. Come join our family!

For more information, contact or visit our website or facebook page