Prayers of the Faithful

“For all the poor …Lord, Hear Our Prayer”

… Remember saying prayers like that each week at Mass? They are called “The Prayers of the Faithful”, and they are meant to be just that – the prayers of all us faith-filled folks gathering each week at the UCC, not just the priest or the MC.

Do you have ideas for what pressing needs of the Church, the wider world and our suffering neighbors, or our very own UCLA community the UCC should be praying for each week? There’s a box in the lobby for sharing your suggestions any time you have an idea.

Watch the bulletin and announcements for invitations to come to the monthly session where we turn community members’ ideas into the words spoken in liturgical prayer. We are always looking for helpers who realize that through our baptism we are all responsible for prayer that reaches out into the world.

If you have any questions about getting more involved with the UCC Prayers of the Faithful, please email