Social Justice

If one traces the etymology of “compassion”, they will find its Latin origin to mean “co-suffering.”  The Social Justice Committee here at UCLA strives to do just that- “suffer with” others so that we become one with them.  In doing so, we experience solidarity, which means we lose ourselves in the struggle of another. This year, we pray for wisdom and empathy so that we may continue to live out this mission of healing in the same way Jesus did when feeding the hungry and healing the sick.

Among some of the encounters we are blessed to experience take place through mission trips to various places, such as:  Hogar (an orphanage in Tijuana), the Kino Border Initiative (a binational organization that works with migrants), and the Cardinal Manning Center (a men’s homeless shelter in downtown Los Angeles). We also participate in One Life LA (where we come together with thousands in downtown LA to promote the beauty and dignity of every human life), Relay for Life, Dance Marathon and many others. This year, we also hope to work closely with the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul to feed the homeless in Westwood, tutor underprivileged children at Dome Village in downtown LA, and volunteer at Union Rescue Mission’s soup kitchen.

Although we try and focus on various social justice issues, there are still so many that are lacking awareness, healing and support. Therefore, we are always looking for new ways to help out in the community so I encourage you to stop by one of our committee meetings if you have suggestions or would like to serve at any of these events/would like to organize one. We would love to have you. Lastly, I would also like to ask of you, if possible, to please keep our committee in your prayers. Thank you!

God Bless You,

Your Social Justice Committee