Alec Weed


Alec Weed here! Yes that is actually my name, and funny enough I am from Colorado. (If you think my name is funny, just ask about my other family members.) As a Coloradan, I love the outdoors–hiking, camping, hammocking, you name it! I also love road trips, so let’s hit the road and go outside!

A little more about me: I graduated from the University of Colorado–Boulder in 2016 and I had the huge blessing of getting to know the UCLA community last year. It was during my time in Boulder that I really began to know Christ and His friends, especially through the witness of the FOCUS missionaries. I now have the joy to share my love for Christ and His Church in the same capacity that transformed my life. I’m excited to be coming back to UCLA for another year of as a FOCUS missionary, so I look forward to meeting you all! 🙂

Email: alexander.weed@focus.org

Date: November 14, 2016