Dalissa Alanis (2016-17)

dalissa-alanis-websiteHi! My name is Dalissa and I am a co-chair for the Social Justice Committee with my awesome co, Regina!

I was born and raised in a suburban town near Sacramento, CA, called Roseville. Just before high school, though, my mother was offered an incredible job opportunity and we moved to San Diego. There, I discovered my love for the beach, serving, and cheerleading! I worked as a waitress at a Denny’s on the beach for four years and cheered on my high school team. I had been a competitive gymnast for nine years before moving to San Diego.

I am blessed to have two precious siblings – Citlali, who is nine, and Marcos, who is four. I hope to serve as an inspiration to these two, as I am the first of my family to ever attend a university. After earning my bachelor’s degree in Psychobiology, I plan to attend UC Davis Veterinary school. (God willing!) I have always had an immense fascination for God’s wondrous and amazing creations. My ultimate aspiration is to work as an animal behaviorist and research innovative ways in which we can preserve God’s workings.

As the Social Justice Committee chair, I hope to spread the love and light of Christ to all our brothers and sisters. I hope that I am able to provide students with opportunities to serve the community as well as bring more awareness to issues that our society currently faces. As an SL, I pray that I am able to embody the humility, servitude, and leadership of Jesus Christ in order to most effectively fulfill His mission of social justice.

Date: October 31, 2016