Daniel Rivera (2016-17)

daniel-rivera-websiteHi! My name is Daniel Rivera and I’m a third-year Psychology major from Whittier, California.

I am SO EXCITED to serve as Student Leader in the Outreach Committee this year with my EXTREMELY WAVY (cool) co-chairs, Jill and Clare!

I got involved in the UCC when I curiously attended one of the student dinners and met so many wonderful people who’ve helped shape who I am today!

On my free time, I enjoy reading motivational books, going to museums, working out, doing yoga, and making movies!

I love love love love LOVE giving back whatever I can to people, whether it be through art, fitness, or motivation!

I’m excited and can’t wait to help turn people’s dreams into reality! We’re all going to make it!

Date: October 03, 2016