Jill Gaines (2016-17)

jill-gaines-websiteHi! My name is Jill Gaines and I am so blessed and excited to be on this years’ leadership team! I am looking forward to promoting the UCC as a welcoming Catholic home for Bruins as a member of the Outreach team with my wonderful friends, Clare and Daniel this year!

I am a third-year Psychobiology major and Applied Developmental Psychology minor, and I am very proud to be a Bruin. As the oldest of five children, my family has blessed me with a strong foundation of faith and love that inspires me to serve and honor the Lord. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, hanging out with kids, exploring the great outdoors (especially the beach or Ireland), and meeting new people, so come chat with me anytime!

The UCC has given me a sense of community and support in college that I am so thankful for. I have met so many inspirational people that have guided me to a closer relationship with God and encouraged me to serve. So I pray that you too can discover all the love and light that the UCC has to offer, and I’m always here to help you if you need it! You are loved; keep your hearts up!

Date: October 06, 2016