Tally Latcham

FOCUS Team Director

TallyHi! I’m Tally and I’m returning for my third year at UCLA, where I will also be serving as the Team Director. Originally from Denver, Colorado, I love to be outside biking, hiking, skiing, running, camping, swimming, you name it. I went to Texas Christian University for college (Go Frogs!) where I studied History, Art History, and Spanish. The Lord called me into His service and I’m overjoyed at the opportunity to be here in California serving at UCLA. When I’m not at the UCC you can probably find me in the kitchen attempting to create a culinary masterpiece…or maybe just eating 🙂 I would love for you to come share a home-cooked meal with me sometime!

I have loved Jesus my whole life, but I am actually a convert to Catholicism. I was drawn to the beauty and reverence of the Mass and it’s an honor to finally be a part of this big, amazing, and holy Catholic family. Encountering Jesus in the Eucharist has been life-changing and my prayer is that the Blessed Sacrament captivates you this year as well. As we walk towards Christ together I hope you come to better understand God’s goodness, and you know in your heart that the Lord delights in YOU!

“The world offers you comfort, but you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness” Pope Benedict XVI


Date: September 28, 2015