What’s happening?

Back in February 2017, ParishPay was acquired by Liturgical Publications (LPi), a Catholic stewardship communication company that has assisted many churches throughout the country. (Learn more about them here.) Because of the acquisition, we transitioned to LPi’s electronic giving platform, WeShare, in early October.


I’m already donating through ParishPay, so do I need to start over again and create a new account?

All ParishPay accounts were transferred electronically following the strictest security protocol and no changes have been made to any account info, so all donations should be processed as normal. as normal. If you want to make any changes to your account or adjust your giving amount, WeShare requires a one-time security verification to provide you access.

To successfully complete the verification process you will need:

  • Your ParishPay User Name
  • The last four digits of the bank account or credit card that is currently being used for your donations

And ONE of the following two options:

  • The email you used to register with ParishPay
  • A collection name and a specific amount donated in the last six months

Once verification is complete, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to our new WeShare site (https://uccla.churchgiving.com/). Please bookmark or save this link for future access.

To get started, click on the button below. It will redirect you to a page where you can either verify your ParishPayaccount or set up a new WeShare account.

How is WeShare different from ParishPay?

Besides a few minor differences, WeShare operates in the same manner as ParishPay. Setting up a new account, managing your donation or account info, etc. shouldn’t be any different from how you would do the same tasks in ParishPay.


I have never donated electronically before. Why should I donate electronically?

We allow the option of electronic donations for the ease and convenience for our community, a majority of whom are students. Many of them do not bring cash to Mass or forget to do so, and asking students to remember to bring cash has not been effective. Therefore, we try to find ways to grow and evolve our approach in connecting with students and encourage them the importance of sustaining their faith community financially. You can read more about the benefits of donating electronically at the bottom of this page.


Cool! I want to start donating online now. How do I create a new account? 

Just go to the link here (https://uccla.churchgiving.com/) and click on “Make a Donation” under our Regular Donation category or any of our other collections. You can also set up a one-time gift by going to the third box in the left column under the Events and Collections header on the page. We accept credit/debit card donations as well as bank transfers.


What if I have more questions about WeShare and the transition?

Just send them to us at staff@uccla.org or call us at 310-208-5015, and we will forward them to our Engagement Manager at LPi.



  • You can donate through PayPal by clicking below!





We greatly appreciate your continued prayers and support!